What are "Mardi c'est roller" and "La nappe

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What are "Mardi c'est roller" and "La nappe

Postby Olivier on Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:42

What are "Mardi c'est roller" (Roll on tuesday) and "La nappe à carreaux" (The check tablecloth) ?

"Mardi c'est roller" (Roll on tuesday)
It is a group of skaters, which meet every tuesday for a ride in Paris.
It is a band of epicureans looking for strong feelings. One of their particularity is the "Option Plus" (Option more ?) which make them picnic everywhere in Paris.

"La nappe à carreaux" (The check tablecloth)
It is an association. Legaly and in french:
« Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif et à gestion désintéréssée ».

It has been created by "Mardi c'est roller" skaters to organise events such has the Ride on the Dunes Vol.2 and makes it possible to have a moral existence for the steps necessary to the organization.
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